Marina-chan (20 years old), a girl with big friendly eyes and a cute smile, said that she had a good part-time job to receive a reward. Even if the young girl of this time hears high salary part-time job, she will follow without any resistance or doubt (laughs). Immediately, she moved to a nearby hotel. Marina-chan is nervous about the fact that the shooting starts and she thinks that she can start smoothly with the warikiri glue.

謝礼」が貰えるいいアルバイトがあるんだけどと声をかけたのは大きな人懐っこい目が印象的で笑顔が可愛らしい女の子、まりなちゃん(20才)。今時の若い女の子は「高給アルバイト」と聞いても何の抵抗や疑いもなくついてくるもんなんですね(笑)早速、近くのホテルへ移動。撮影が始まり「わりきり」のノリでスムーズに開始できると思いきやカメラに撮られてることに対し、ガチ緊張のまりなちゃん Free HD on XvideoTag
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