Tsubaki Kato, a woman who has a charm and sex appeal that mature women don't have, and who is captivated by men. Although most women now have shaved and thin hair even if they have pussy hair, Kato Tsubaki is a good old woman with pubic hair that looks like jungle without any necessary care. Please enjoy the special work of her full of lewdness full of such charm!

そんじょそこらの熟女にはない可愛さと色気を持ち合わせ、男を虜にする女、加藤ツバキ。オマンコの毛にしたって今ほとんどの女性がパイパン、薄毛なのに対し、加藤ツバキは必要以上の手入れを施さず、密林のような陰毛をした古き良き時代の女。そんな魅力溢れる彼女の痴女っぷり全快のスペシャル作品をご堪能下さい! Free HD on XvideoTag
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