Golden Week special project Shaved Tour Orgy! Start orgy with girls who have become slippery pie bread! First of all, it's a pee early competition to enjoy pie bread more. Girls who are stunned with the villa villa fully open scatter pee toward the camera. Some daughters release a large amount of pee, while others are nervous and hard to come out. The erotic punishment game is being played by the two losers. The punishment game is unknowingly disturbed and a big orgy! I would like everyone to enjoy the full view of the shaved and erotic girls!

ゴールデンウィークスペシャル企画「パイパンツアー 乱交編」!つるつるパイパンになった女の子達とテンションばっちり乱交開始!まずはパイパンをより楽しむ為にオシッコ早だし大会。ビラビラ全開でスタンバってる女の子達がカメラに向かってオシッコをまき散らかします。大量にオシッコを放出する娘もいれば緊張してなかなか出ない女の子も。敗者2名にまちうけているのはエロ罰ゲーム。罰ゲームがいつのまにやら乱れに乱れて大乱交!皆さんにも是非、パイパンどエロ娘達の丸見えの結合部分を堪能していただきたいと思います! Free HD on XvideoTag
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