Emergency occurs! Emergency occurs! A nurse (Azumi Koi) came up to me who refrained from surgery and said she would "shave"! No matter how much it is said for surgery, I am sorry for shaving. There are ashamed embarrassing things! A nurse who desperately persuades me with a griny face that hits me caresses ... is cute. Do you want to shave so much? Huhufu ... Should I annoy you more? Should I impose impossible challenges? Eh, is the nurse also slippery? ! Well then ... That nurse 's slimmer that I have never showed it to anyone, okay, I would not mind thinking if I would show it to me. I wonder

緊急事態発生! 緊急事態発生!手術を控える僕のもとに看護婦さん(あずみ恋)がやって来て『剃毛』をするとか言い出したっ!いくら手術のためと言われても剃毛なんてまっぴら御免だ。ツルツルなんて恥ずかしいにもほどがある!ガヤガヤとごねる僕を困り顔で必死に説得する看護婦さんが…なんかカワイイな。そんなに剃りたいの?フフフ…もっと困らせちゃおうかな?無理難題を押し付けちゃおうかな?えっ、看護婦さんもツルツルなの?!じゃあ…まだ誰にも見せたことがないっていう看護婦さんのそのツルツルマ○コ、僕に見せてくれるんだったら考えてあげてもイイよ。どうかな…パ・イ・パ・ン・ナ・ー・ス・さ・ん♡ Free HD on XvideoTag
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