The girls are standing hand in hand before Codey. They exchange a kiss before leaning forward to run their hands up his thighs. Finding him already taught with expectation, the girls pull back and focus on one another, teasing him even more.
A professional photographer has the privilege of working with 3 stunning models. When the girls discover that it's his birthday they decide to give him a present he'll never forget. Building his excitement, they first turn their attentions to one another.
This 3some kicks off with Azazai and Tiffany sporting sexy lingerie that highlights their curves. Their hands wander over their firm bodies and tease their tight clits. Approaching Nikki, they share a kiss before moving on to the main course.
Between fingering water at each other and helping one another soap up their breasts and pussies, the girls are clearly ready to enjoy themselves. They dress in bras and panties and go to the bedroom where Ricky awaits them.
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