Runaway daughters who have no home to return to. Men who seek a body instead of providing a place to stay or a meal for them. .. .. The long-awaited god has come to Kozue, the so-called God-waiting daughter! It's often said that one night and one meal is a favor, and today's daughters give back with their bodies. Kozue-chan has a little chubby eyes, but has a body with outstanding sensitivity and reacts sensitively when touched. Although he hated it, he seemed happy to hold a man's cock. At the end, even vaginal cum shot was done, and the service is perfect! I wonder if I should go out to the town to find a god-waiting girl.

帰る家のない家出娘たち。そんな彼女たちに泊まるところや食事を提供する代わりに体を求める男たち。。。いわゆる「神待ち」娘・こずえに待望の神があわられた!一宿一飯の恩、とはよく言ったもので、今どきの娘たちは体で恩返ししちゃうんですねぇ。ちょっとぽっちゃり目だけど、感度抜群のボティを持ち、タッチされれば敏感に反応しちゃうこずえちゃん。嫌がっていたわりには、男のチ〇ポを咥えこんで嬉しそう。最後は中出しまでされちゃって、サービス満点!俺も神待ち娘を探しに町に繰り出してみようかな~。 Free HD on XvideoTag
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