Reon Otowa looks so wonderful in her kimono. We almost don’t want her to take it off. She looks that wonderful. She is such a beauty and in her kimono so elegant as well. She is so much of a tease though that she can not help but lift her skirt and show us her sexy legs and thighs. She has a cute pair of panties on we can see when she lifts her kimono just high enough. What a turn on for us to see her sexy thighs and cute panties. We would like to see more of her now, and she is going to tease us some more. She decides to show us that she is not wearing a bra under her kimono. She slips it off her shoulders and shows us those pretty tits of hers. She has both of them out and they are lovely and large for such a small framed girl like her. We decide to introduce a male model into the scene and his first question to her is how large her boobs are. She says they are an F cup and 88cm. That is very large and we are all impressed. Our male model does not want to wait and gets his hands on her right away trying to get to those tits. What a lucky man as he slips a hand inside her kimono and feels her up. This is getting Reon excited as he rubs her tits and caresses her nipples. He pulls down her kimono and shows us those lovely tits again as she rolls them around in his hands. He gets her warmed up for what is to follow when he reaches down and slides his hand between her legs so he can play with her pussy as he kisses her lovely lips. He fingers her and gets her so wet. He then falls down in front of her on his knees and pulls down her panties and spreads open her pink pussy for all of us to enjoy. He bends down and kisses her pussy. He licks her lips and enjoys her sweet pussy juice. His cock is hard and he wants her mouth on it. She sucks him as he enjoys her lovely eyes looking up at him. But now she wants his cock in her pussy and she asks him nicely if he will fuck her.
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