[Duration: 43:39] As an aspiring artist I struggle to sell my work. Through a mutual friend, I was able to set up a meeting with a famous and successful art dealer named Renato. Every artist in town wants to be his client since it almost guarantees instant sales of their artwork. When the day came to meet him, I put on a hot dress with sexy high heels and went over to his house. I knew from fellow artists that he loves hot girls so I was prepared to do whatever was necessary. As I nervously handed him my painting, I noticed him checking me out with particular attention to my feet; which were looking super sexy in my high heels. While he studied my painting, I noticed his eyes frequently wandering to my feet. I was certain of his intentions. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I love a man who knows how to play with a woman's feet. And he was also very charming. After some steamy eye contact, he went down on his knees and slowly removed my shoes to reveal my sexy red pedicured toes. He started to massage my feet and gently sucked on my toes. He was doing such a good job sucking my toes that my pussy started getting really wet. After worshiping my sexy feet, high arches, and my beautiful soft soles, he ate my fat juicy pussy. When he took his big cock out, I wrapped my toes around it and gave him a slutty footjob. He bent me over and fucked me so good while watching my wrinkled soles. We sucked my cute toes together while he fucked my wet slutty pussy. It was so hot. I came so many times I lost count. At the end he came all over my sexy feet. Cum on feet is so hot. He was a good fuck but hopefully he'll kick start my career too!
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