I've always thought I was a plain Jane girl and guys weren't into me. I'd study how my friends would flirt with boys and try the casual hair flip, the lip bite, and Lisa's signature model walk down the hallway at school. I never turned a boy's head. Lately, I've been trying to be a little bolder; I decided that I would muster up the courage to ask a guy out on a date. It seems like every time I try to be alone with him my stepbrother shows up and ruins everything! I was hanging out on the couch at home, the TV was on but my mind was buzzing with new ways I could find a boy. He walks in and I get the idea to ask him for advice, he's had lots of girlfriends. He mutters, "hey Kimmy," under his breath, shields his face, and runs upstairs. I follow him and see that he's in my room using MY makeup, "what the..?" Chad dropped the makeup and then I saw he was in a fight! His eye was red, puffy, and when I touched it and asked him "what happened," he winced in pain. I put a bag of peas on it while I tried to get him to explain to me how he got into a fight. He reluctantly confessed, "it was over you." I started to understand that the reason I have never been on a date, and never kissed a guy was because of him! I am the only senior girl in High School who hasn't had a kiss and it's because of him! He will make it up to me. He will be my first kiss. Watch the story unfold..
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