Hanaho was getting ready for a super fun night with her superior. Clad in seductive clothing, she waits for him in one of the classrooms at the school. Her plans are ambushed by a bunch of kinky colleagues. She is now to satisfy their sexual desires or they expose her for dressing like a slut at school. Using sex toys, the two guys fuck her even though she has a disapproving face. She’s the only one naked now, and she’s caught by the superior she was supposed to be meeting. She’s trying to explain the nature of their actions but the superior doesn’t want to hear it and leaves. Hanaho sits on the bench, all naked and confused by the situation. One of the guys comes back and explains that it was her clothes that made them do what they did. Finally, on her good side, he manages to seduce her once more into giving him a chance for some real fuck. She couldn’t have the energy to say no since her plans were already messed up and she was prepared for a freaky night. The two smash so passionately and Hanaho ends up with what she came for… a creampie pussy.
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